Intellectual property and copyright

In today's world, ease of communication and overall technological innovations facilitate open access to intellectual works created anywhere on the planet, offering its creator the chance to achieve virtually instantaneous worldwide dissemination of the work.

Perhaps this immediacy of access is causing a loss of awareness that all intellectual work is the result of a person's effort and creativity.

The law recognizes the copyrights of a creator of a work from the moment of its creation, without any need for registration, notwithstanding which, at the time that the creator's right is being disputed or undue advantage is being taken thereof, the author will have to provide evidence to prove the existence of this right and its authorship. This is why it is strongly advisable to register the works deemed one's own, even though unpublished, in order to have effective legal tools when asserting one's rights, or to prevent plagiarism or any other form of unauthorized use of this intellectual property.

Intellectual work is considered to include scientific, literary or artistic work, musical compositions, films, drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, models and works of art or science applied to commerce or industry, software, plans and maps, photographs, records, etc.

Our intellectual property service includes

  • Copyright protection.
  • Registration of unpublished works.
  • Registration of books, processing of ISBN.
  • Defense of intellectual property rights.
  • Counseling on licensing contracts.
  • Rights of musical performance and acting.
  • Legal protection of artistic works.
  • Protection and defense of conceptual work / visual arts.
  • Protection of business plans and trade secrets.
  • Legal protection of software.