Industrial models

The novelty applied to the outer shape of a particular industrial product, its ornamental or aesthetic character, i.e. those non-functional aspects which give it originality and value, may be legally protected in Argentina by filing it as an Industrial Model. For the industrial model to be legally valid it must be novel.

The validity of the exclusive right of commercial use of the model extends for a period of five years and is renewable for another two equal periods, to a total of 15 years, within the territory of the country in which it is protected.

Our industrial models service includes

  • Drafting the model's drawing or design specifications.
  • Development of technical drawings with explanatory notes.
  • Preparation of applications for filing to be submitted to the corresponding State agencies.
  • Administrative monitoring of the procedure, until a certificate of deposit is issued.
  • Renewal notice of the acquired right prior to its expiry date.
  • Legal defense of vested rights.
  • Preparation of licensing contracts and other commercial agreements.