General information on patents

The patent is a title of ownership granted by the State of a country to the person who is formally credited as the author of an invention which has an application in industry and which is an absolute novelty worldwide.

The owner of a patent will have the exclusive right to commercially exploit it during the term granted by law in each country. The owner will also have the possibility of judicially preventing illegal use of the invention by unauthorized parties.

The right acquired by registering the patent is only valid within the country in which the invention is protected, so it is of utmost importance to extend the protection to other countries within the time limits laid down by law and international agreements.

The invention may consist of a novel product or process, which may be industrialized (replicated in series), involving a practical solution to a particular problem.

Our patent service includes

  • Legal protection of inventions, and industrial designs and models
  • Legal and technical counseling on patentability or registration
  • Legal protection of trade secrets and confidentiality
  • Processing registrations abroad
  • Rights license agreements and other commercial agreements
  • Legal defense of the rights acquired