Industrial design

The deposit of an industrial model enhances the legal protection of original drawings or designs applied to particular objects.

The right acquired by a deposit in due time and proper course grants the title of exclusive ownership of these creations for a period of five years, extendable by a further two equal and consecutive periods (15 years in total) within the country where the deposit is made. The key feature of this kind of creation, in addition to the requirement of originality or novelty, is that it must be industrial (replicable in series).

Our industrial design service includes

  • Drafting of drawing or design specifications.
  • Submission of the forms containing the drawings in accordance with the formalities required.
  • Preparation of applications for filing to be submitted to the corresponding State agencies.
  • Administrative monitoring of the procedure, until a certificate of deposit is issued.
  • Renewal notice of the acquired right prior to its expiry date.
  • Legal defense of vested rights.
  • Preparation of licensing contracts and other commercial agreements.