Registrations abroad

Economic globalization allows companies to offer their products or services abroad, forcing them to decide whether the marketing will be carried out with their own trademark or whether it will be convenient or necessary to use the trademark of a third party already positioned in the chosen markets. At this point, it should be noted that the exclusive right granted by the registration of a trademark is territorial and it will therefore be necessary to protect the trademark in each country of interest, or to manage licenses of use and commercial exploitation for third party trademarks in the different territories or countries of interest.

Expanding the territory of the trademark into the international arena is an excellent way to increase its value, even for local action. The global scenario requires permanent protection of the trademark and other intellectual and industrial rights belonging to the company.

  • Feasibility analysis of trademarks or patents abroad.
  • Registry management and protection of rights through a prestigious network of agencies, strategically located in the most important capitals and cities worldwide.
  • Control and monitoring of management entrusted to foreign colleagues.
  • Counseling and support in legal action.
  • Counseling and support in licensing.
  • Counseling on sale and purchase of intellectual and industrial property rights.