Many companies make the important decision of expanding in the market by replicating the success of their business by franchising, thus enhancing the intensity of use of the trademark and its positioning in the market.

Franchising makes it possible to compete on a large scale without the need for own resources and investment, both domestically and internationally.

The franchisee, meanwhile, will have the possibility of reducing to a minimum the risk of his investment thanks to the proven success of a trademark with its own prestige, great recognition, and acceptance by the consuming public, benefiting continually from the advertising hired by the franchiser and freed from the costs incurred by experimentation in particular commercial environments. Franchising agreements call for a license for the use and operation of a trademark and the transfer of know-how, both through staff training and the use of operations and business management manuals.

  • Franchisable product analysis and its legal protection.
  • Preparation of contracts.
  • Negotiating purchase and sale of franchises.
  • Auditing franchisees.
  • Trials in the specialty.