Unfair competition

In today's economy, the valuation of intangible assets (intellectual or industrial property) has increased proportionally to that of physical assets, often reaching even greater economic value than the latter.

Thus the unauthorized use of trademarks or patents, illegal copying of software, unauthorized copying and reproduction of music, photos, images, text, information, and other forms of piracy, espionage of technology, business plans, strategy, and trade secrets, etc., are just some of the forms of unfair competition.

Such practices generate legal accountability and substantial compensations. The various laws of Intellectual and Industrial Property, as well as the provisions of civil and criminal law and specific existing regulations against unfair competition, call for strong legal action to prevent these practices and to pursue any compensation due.

Our unfair competition service includes

  • Counseling required for defense against unfair competition.
  • Trade secret protection.
  • Confidentiality agreements.
  • Trading strategies for trade agreements or sale of rights.
  • Trials in the specialty.