Valuation and appraisals of trademarks

A registered trademark is an asset that adds to a person or company's equity and may therefore be purchased, sold, assigned, or transferred for any reason, licensed, seized, or offered as guarantee for a loan, as an inheritable asset, etc.

As regards the purchase and sale of trademarks, it is necessary to quantitate its price, which involves an analysis by professionals who are experts in the valuation of trademarks, who use a variety of methods to make an appropriate and objective appraisal, analyzing key aspects of the trademark, such as:

  • The use of the trademark within a particular time and territory
  • The amounts invested in publicity and positioning
  • The annual profitability from exploitation of the trademark
  • An analysis of potential profitability
  • A reckoning of the market share in the face of other competing trademarks
  • The investment made in registries and the acquisition of exclusive rights