Trademark registration

To be the owner of a trademark, the procedure of registering it in the trademark office of each country is a must. To use a brand and not take the legal precaution to become the owner of its trademark, may result in serious problems for companies. The economic investment involved in registering a trademark is minimal compared to the cost of having to spend time and money on solving legal disputes in the future, with the impending risk of losing investments made in advertising, signage, labels, institutional stationery, etc., carried out to position the trademark in the market. Besides the fact that the trademark may have acquired a vast economic value that could dissolve in an instant.

The Trademark Registry in Argentina

Our services

  • Advice prior to the registration of a trademark
  • Registration feasibility analysis
  • Registration and administrative procedures
  • Legal custody
  • Defense of vested rights
  • Renewal / transfer of trademarks
  • Purchase and sale of trademarks or goodwills
  • Legal advice to license or franchise rights