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ARTEAGA Y ASOCIADOS was founded in the City of Cordoba, Argentina, over two decades ago, fully autonomous and independent from its 8-year-old founding law firm “De Arteaga-Abogados.” Beyond the family and professional ties linking the two, our company specializes in differing lines of legal services and in the management of Industrial and Intellectual Copyrights. Based in its own offices in both the City of Cordoba and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the company has correspondents in different parts of Argentina and agreements with other companies and foreign law firms of the same specialization, through which we are able to render professional services effectively and reliably worldwide.

The company is currently headed by Ximena Crespo, patent and trademark attorney and a founding member along with Dr. Juan José de Arteaga. The company has a number of associate professionals in different departments of the practice, thus offering interdisciplinary teamwork to tackle the cases under study.

Our company has several thousand powers of attorney granted by persons, and public or private local and foreign institutions and companies that it advises and whose trademark rights, invention patents, or copyrights it processes and monitors. The company draws up and negotiates procurements, provides counseling on different issues of a corporate and commercial nature, and has garnered numerous successes in administrative and legal management, which have led to the formation of a respectful jurisprudence of acquired rights, not only in the registry, but also in the continued use and good faith of trademark signs currently considered "business designations" or copyrights that have not been legally protected through registration and nevertheless deserve legal protection.

Fields of practice

  • Registration and legal and administrative defense of trademarks

  • Advice on and legal defense of trade names

  • Legal protection of inventions, utility models, industrial designs

  • Advice on and defense of Copyrights

  • Unfair Competition

  • Preparation of contracts and advice on licenses and franchises

  • Legal protection of software

  • Advice on and registration of Technology Transference

  • Bar code processing

  • Legal protection of copyrights and industrial rights in digital environments

  • Defense and recovery of Internet domains

  • Intermediation in buying and selling of rights and goodwill

  • Valuation or appraisals of intangible assets

Art and Culture

The company invests energy and funds to supporting artists and inventors and connecting them with companies that can benefit from their creativity. It also takes on the ongoing commitment to raising the professional level of those rendering services in this legal field by organizing conferences, sponsoring events, and collaborating in producing and publishing material tending to delve more deeply into the reasonable criticism of the legislation currently governing the field and good business practices.

Marcas y designaciones

Marcas y designaciones

Conferencia del Doctor Jorge Otamendi en el Salón Dalmacio Velez Sarsfield de la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.



El artista plástico Pancho Sarría presentó “Geometría de los Fluidos”, serie de pinturas realizadas durante 2010 y 2011. La muestra se inauguró el día sábado 23 de Julio en “Camino Real Plaza Hotel” de Villa del Totoral.

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Entrevista exclusiva para el portal de arte Plano Azul a la presidente de Arteaga & Asociados - Profesionales Marcas & Patentes, Ximena Crespo, donde analiza la importancia del concepto de Responsabilidad Social en el accionar empresario y el valioso aporte que se puede realizar al mundo del arte y, con él, a la comunidad en general.